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SP-AR-DIO-BM-2004   "Beethoven" acrylic on canvas, october 2017
SP-AR-DIO-BM-2019   "The Boat we are Waiting for"
SP-SS-GFT-2017-001   2.7 oz mug fr. Stamatis Skliris- Space time
SP-SS-GFT-2017-002   2.7 oz mugs fr. Stamatis Skliris-nature1
SP-SS-GFT-2017-003   2.7 oz mugs fr. Stamatis Skliris-nature2
SP-SS-GFT-2017-004   2.7 oz set of 6 espresso cups
SP-BK-EH-2019-001   A Quest for Reform of the Orthodox Church- The 1923 Pan-Orthodox Congress: An Analysis and Translation of its Acts and Decisions
SP-AR-DIO-BM-2001   “She is like summertime sadness”
SB-BK-SL-2014-001   Abba Justin - Time is a Fragment of Eternity
SP-BK-HG-2018-001   Akolouthia of Our Holy and God-Bearing Father Justin of Celije, The new Theologian and Confessor
SP-BK-NH-2013-001   All Roads Lead to Jackson
SP-AR-DIO-BM-2010   Alyina Vorobeyeva
SP-BK-FS-2017-001   Alyina Vorobeyeva's Confession
SP-AR-DIO-BM-2017   Amador County
SP-DVD-HG-2015   An American Apostole DVD
SP-BK-CH-2019-001-4   An Orthodox Children's Calendar 2020- Julian Calendar
SP-BK-CH-2020-001-3   An Orthodox Children's Calendar 2020-Gregorian Calendar
SP-BK-DIO-2007-001   Annual 2007
SP-BK-DIO-2008-001   Annual 2008
SP-BK-DIO-2009-001   Annual 2009
SP-BK-DIO-2010-001   Annual 2010
SP-BK-DIO-2011-001   Annual 2011
SP-BK-DIO-2012-001   Annual 2012
SP-BK-DIO-2013-001-00   Annual 2013
SP-BK-DIO-2014-001   Annual 2014
SP-BK-DIO-2015-001   Annual 2015
SP-BK-DI-2016-001   ANNUAL 2016
SP-BK-DIO-2018-002   Annual 2018
SP-BK-CA-2009-001   Archimandrite Justin Popovich - Man and the God-Man
SP-BK-SR-2018-002   Arhiepiskop Dimitrije Trakatelis- Oci tumače: Aspekti svetootačkog biblijskog tumačenja
SS-IC-DIO-2016-022   Arizona Cactus
SS-IC-DIO-2016-021   Arizona Cactus Original
SP-AR-GFT-2018-01   Aronia Treasure
SP-TS-DIO-2019-1   Autocephaly T-Shirt
SP-TS-DIO-2019-2   Autocephaly T-Shirt
SP-BK-CA-2019-002   Beyond These Horizons, Quantum Theory and Christian Faith
SP-BK-HG-2017-001   Biography of Bishop Mardarije / Životopis Vladike Mardarija
SP-BK-CA-2007-001   Bishop Athanasius Yevtich - Christ: The Alpha and Omega
SP-BK-BH-2011-001   Bishop Athanasius Yevtich - Jesus Christ Is The Same Yesterday Today and Unto the Ages
SP-BK-DE-2014-001   Bishop Ignatije Midic - God Views Us Through Love
SP-BK-DE-2016-002   Bishop Maxim Vasiljevic Diary of the Council: Reflections from the Holy and Great Council
SS-IC-DIO-2016-028   Buffalo
SS-IC-DIO-2016-027   Buffalo Original
SP-AR-DIO-BM-2003   Byzantine Expressionism
SP-IC-DIO-2016-014   Christ
SP-IC-DIO-2016-013   Christ "the Light of the World"
SP-IC-DIO-2016-012   Christ the Bridegroom
SP-IC-DIO-2016-009   Christ the Great Archpriest
SP-BK-OF-2014-001   Chronicles of the Renewed Crucifixion of Kosovo
SP-BK-PS-2019-002   Compliance and Resistance: Discerning the Spirit
SP-BK-OS-2009-001   Constitution of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America
SP-BK-NH-2013-002   Contemporary Ecclesiological Reminder on the Diaspora / Savremeni eklisioloski podsetnik o Dijaspori
SP-BK-CA-2015-002   Covek Zajednice u Hristu
SP-IC-DIO-2016-001   Diptych-St. Nikolas, Holy mother of God
SP-IC-DIO-2016-002   Diptych-St. Sava, Holy Mother of God
SP-BK-DE-2016-003   Dnevnik sa Sabora, Episkop Zapadnoamericki Maxim
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SB-BK-DIO-2015-001   El Prologo de Ohrid: Vida de los santos, reflexions y sermons aura cada did del anoThe Prologue Of Ohrid: Vol 1
SP-BK-CH-2018-001   Elder Cleopa Stories for Children Vol 1
SP-BK-CH-2018-003   Elder Cleopa Stories for Children Vol 10
SP-BK-CH-2018-002   Elder Cleopa Stories for Children Vol 2
SP-BK-CH-2020-002   Elder Cleopa Stories for Children Vol 3
SP-BK-CH-2020-003   Elder Cleopa Stories for Children Vol 4
SP-IC-DIO-2017-005   Elegant Silver Hanging Candle Cup Lamp Chandelier-Visece kandilo
SP-IC-DIO-2017-006   Elegant Silver Hanging Candle Cup Lamp Chandelier-Visece kandilo
SP-BK-CH-2017-001   Elissa Bjeletich - Welcoming the Christ Child-Book Only
SP-BK-CA-2008-001   Emmanuel: The Only Begotten and Firstborn among Many Brethren
SS-IC-DIO-2017-002   Feast of Transfiguration
SS-IC-DIO-2017-003   Feast of Transfiguration-1
SP-JW-RIN-2017-002   Filigree Sterling Rich Red Ring
SP-JW-RIN-2017-001   Filigree Sterling Turquoise Ring
SP-BK-SR-2004-001   Filosofija i Teologija-Философија и Теологија
SS-IC-DIO-2016-034   Fireweed and Arctic Cotton
SS-IC-DIO-2016-033   Fireweed and Arctic Cotton Original
SP-BK-PT-2020-001   Five Volume set - Patrologija by Bishop Atanasije Jevtic
SP-BK-PM-2018-001   Gayle E. Woloschak: Faith, Science, Mystery
SP-BK-PS-2018-001   God, Psychology and Faith In Dialogue
SS-IC-DIO-2016-012   Grand Canyon
SS-IC-DIO-2016-011   Grand Canyon Original
SP-BK-OF-2015-003   Hamletov mobilni: Zapisi sa americke avenije digitalne kulture
SP-BK-NH-1998-001   History of the Serbian Orthodox Church in America and Canada 1891-1941
SP-BK-DE-2011-001   History, Truth, Holiness: Studies in Ontology and Epistemology
SS-IC-DIO-2016-002   Hodegetria
SS-IC-DIO-2016-001   Hodegetria (Original)
SS-IC-DIO-2016-016   Hollywood Hill
SS-IC-DIO-2016-015   Hollywood Hill Original
SP-BK-HI-2013-001   Holy Emperor Constantine and the Edict of Milan
SP-BK-SR-2013-002   Hriscanska etika-Evgenije V. Spektorksi
SP-BK-SR-2004-002   Hristos Alfa i Omega-Episkop Atanasije
SP-BK-DG-2008-001   Hristos--Nova Pasha- Bozanstvena Liturgija 3
SP-BK-DG-2009-001   Hristos--Nova Pasha- Bozanstvena Liturgija 4
SP-BK-DG-2012-001-0   Hristos-Nova pasha- Bozanstvena Liturgija
SP-BK-DG-2007-001   Hristos-Nova Pasha- Bozanstvena Liturgija 1
SP-BK-DG-2007-002   Hristos-Nova Pasha- Bozanstvena Liturgija 2
SP-BK-PA-2018-003   Λόγος - τρόπος - τέλος: Σπουδή στη σκέψη του Αγίου Μαξίμου του Ομολογητού (Logos-Tropos-Telos: Study in the Thought of St Maximus the Confessor
SP-BK-CA-2019-001   In the Beginning (Expanded Edition): A Fresh Look at the Early Chapters of Genesis
SP-BK-CH-2019-001   Isha's Voice
SP-AR-DIO-BM-2002   Jesus Christ
SP-BK-CA-2016-001   John Zizioulas - Illness and Healing in Orthodox Theology
SS-IC-DIO-2016-036   Jordan Pond and the Bubbles
SS-IC-DIO-2016-035   Jordan Pond and the Bubbles Original
SP-BK-BH-2013-001   Justin Popovich - Commentary on the Epistles of St. John the Theologian
SP-BK-SR-2002-001   Kasijana-Sveti Vladika Nikolaj
SP-BK-PA-2013-001   Knowing the Purpose of Creation Through the Resurrection
SP-AR-DIO-BM-2009   Lady with the Hat
SP-BK-CH-2016-001   Let There Be Light!
SP-BK-SM-2017-001   Life According to the Gospel
SP-BK-SF-ENG-002   Litle Sebastian Book Club
SP-BK-SR-2013-001   Liturgijsko Bogoslovlje—Savremeni ogledi
SP-BK-DIO-SR-001   Majka Dar Boziji Coveku- Мајка Дар Божији Човеку
SS-IC-DIO-2016-024   Malibu 1
SS-IC-DIO-2016-023   Malibu 1 Original
SS-IC-DIO-2016-026   Malibu 2
SS-IC-DIO-2016-025   Malibu 2 Original
SP-BK-BH-2017-001   Martin Hengel - Син Божији--Sin Boziji
SS-IC-DIO-2016-014   Melody of Water
SS-IC-DIO-2016-013   Melody of Waters Original
SP-BK-SR-2017-001   Munja Vecnozivog Ognja
SP-BK-PP-2013-001   My Brother's Keeper
SP-BK-DE-2011-002   Nenad Milosevic - To Christ and the Church: The Divine Eucharist as the All-Encompassing Mystery of the Church
SP-BK-SR-2013-003   Nesveti a sveti-Arhimandrit Tihon Shevkunov
SS-IC-DIO-2016-006   Niagara Falls #2
SS-ID-DIO-2016-007   Niagara Falls #2 Original
SS-IC-DIO-2016-030   Nighttime in Arizona
SS-IC-DIO-2016-029   Nighttime in Arizona Original
SP-BK-SL-2015-003   No Faith Is More Beautiful Than the Christian Faith
SP-BK-DIO-2017-001   Non-inventory item
SP-BK-EI-2013-001   Notes On Ecumenism
SP-BK-SR-2010-002   Novi Zavet
SP-BK-SR-2018-001   O. Dzejms Bernstin- Iznenadno Otkrivenje Hrista
SP-BK-SR-2017-002   Odluke Svetog i Velikog Sabora—Одлуке Светог и Великог Сабора Православне Цркве, Светигора: Београд-Цетиње 2017.
SP-BK-SP-LG-2020-003   Ogledi o ljubavi i slobodi
SS-IC-DIO-2016-032   Old Stone Bridge in Roscoe, Illinois
SS-IC-DIO-2016-031   Old Stone Bridge in Roscoe, Illinois Original
SP-BK-DE-2012-001   On Divine Philanthropy from Plato to John Chrysostom
SP-AU-DIO-2009-001   On The Holy Liturgy
SP-BK-PA-2018-001   On the Road to Being: St Maximus the Confessor’ Syn-odical Ontology
SP-BK-FS-2019-001   Over the Highest Mountain
SP-BK-FS-2017-002   Over the Highest Mountain / Преко прага
SP-BK-PS-2018-002   Pain, Suffering and Resilience- Orthodox Christian Perspectives
SP-IC-DIO-2016-010   Panagia
SP-IC-DIO-2016-011   Panagia "Rodon to Amaraton"
SP-BK-PT-2019-003   Patrologija 5
SP-BK-PT-2019-002   Patrologija Vol. 4- Latin Father and Writers from Nicaea to 11th Century
SP-BK-PT-2014-001   Patrologija, Vol 1- Ecclesiastical Fathers and Writers of the First Three Centuries of the Church
SP-BK-PT-2019-001   Patrologija, Vol 3. - Holy Fathers and Ecclesiastical Writers of the East from the 4th Council of Chalcedon to the 8th Photos Ecumenical Council (451-881)
SP-BK-PT-2017-001   Patrologija, Vol. 2- Ecclesiastical Father and Writers of the Fourth and Fifth Centuries of the Church
SP-DVD-2016-001   Pobedilac Smrti
SP-BK-OF-2015-002   Poemes de Jovan Ducic / Pesme Jovana Ducica
SP-BK-SP-LG-2020-001   Poslednji Svedoci
SP-BK-SR-2014-001   Post-put u zivot
SP-BK-CH-2018-004   Prayer Book
SP-BK-SL-2018-001   Prayer Book-English, Serbian
SP-JW-NEC-2017-007   Prayer rope-33 knot
SP-JW-NEC-2017-010   Prayer rope-33 knot+Prayer book
SP-IC-DIO-2017-002   Presveta Bogorodica-Holy Mother of God
SP-BK-PP-2019-001   Protiv religije- Hristo Janaras
SP-BK-SR-2006-003   Prvi dan nove tvari- Veselin Kesic
SP-BK-SL-2015-002   Psalms and The Life of Faith
SP-BK-SR-2012-001   Psaltir- sa devet biblijskih pesama
SP-BK-DI-2017-001   Psychology in The Service Of the Church
SP-BK-SL-2017-001   Razliciti predeli neba—Различити предели неба
SS-IC-DIO-2016-007   Resurrection of Christ
SP-IC-DIO-2016-023   Resurrection of Christ 2
SP-BK-SR-2018-003   Rim-Konstantinopolj-Moskva Istorijske i Bogoslovske Studije
SP-BK-SR-2001-001   Sabrana dela Svetog Nikolaja Zickog 7 knjiga-Сабрана дела Светог Николаја Жичког: комплет 7 књига
SP-BK-IA-2010-001   Sailors of the Sky
SP-IC-DIO-2016-021   Saint Elias
SP-IC-DIO-2016-017   Saint John the Baptist
SP-BK-EI-2017-001   Saint Luke of Crimea and Albert Schweitzer
SS-IC-DIO-2016-004   Saint Mardarije of Chicago and Libertyville
SS-IC-DIO-2017-001   Saint Mardarije of Libertyville
SP-IC-DIO-2016-006   Saint Nektarios
SP-IC-DIO-2016-019   Saint Nicholas
SP-IC-DIO-2016-008   Saint Paisios
SP-IC-DIO-2016-020   Saint Peter
SS-IC-DIO-2016-005   Saint Porphyrios 2
SP-IC-DIO-2016-018   Saint Porphyrious
SP-AR-DIO-BM-2005   Saint Sava Cemetery, Los Angeles, 2008 - 2010
SS-IC-DIO-2016-003   Saint Sebastian of San Francisco and Jackson
SP-IC-DIO-2016-022   Saint Seraphim
SP-BK-SF-ENG-001   Sebastian Book Club
SS-IC-DIO-2016-020   Sedona Cathedral Rock
SS-IC-DIO-2016-019   Sedona Cathedral Rock Original
SP-BK-CH-2020-001   Seeds of Life
SP-BK-IA-2017-001   Seeing the Invisible; Proceedings of the Symposium on Aesthetics of the Christian Image
SP-BK-NH-2014-001   Serbia in the Great War 1914-1918
SP-BK-SA-2015-002   Serbian Americans: History - Culture - Press
SP-BK-CAL-2016-001   Serbian Orthodox Calendar 2017; Western American Diocese
SP-BK-CAL-2018-001   Serbian Orthodox Calendar 2018; Western American Diocese
SP-BK-CAL-2019-001   Serbian Orthodox Calendar 2019; Western American Diocese
SP-BK-CAL-2019-002   Serbian Orthodox Calendar 2020; Western American Diocese
SP-BK-HG-2015-001   Service to Saint Sebastian of San Francisco and Jackson
SP-BK-PS-2019-001   Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Answers and...People
SP-AU-DIO-2019-001   Slavni Grade-Славни Граде pesme sa Kosova i Metohije
SP-IC-DIO-2017-003   Slavska sveca-Slava candle
SP-IC-DIO-2017-004   Slavska sveca-Slava candle
SP-BK-NH-2014-002   Srbija u Velikom Ratu 1914-1918
SB-BK-IA-2007-001   Stamatis Skliris - In the Mirror: A Collection of Iconographic Essays and Illustrations
SP-JW-PEN-2017-010   Sterling Silver Filigree Bishops Panagia

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