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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Answers and...People Gayle E. Woloschak: Faith, Science, Mystery Psychology in The Service Of the Church Pain, Suffering and Resilience- Orthodox Christian Perspectives
Psychology in The Service Of the Church
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Pain, Suffering and Resilience- Orthodox Christian Perspectives
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Author: Rev. Vasileios Thermos
Publisher: En Plo Editions
Translated from the Greek by Vasileios Tsangalos

Issues connected with sexual orientation and gender identity raise questions for traditional Christian attitudes (and not least Orthodox attitudes) to what it means to be human, for which Scripture and Tradition provide little guidance. Panic ensues and extreme attitudes are adopted without careful consideration of any kind of fact or evidence. In this book, Father Vasileios brings his practical experience as a psychiatrist and his pastoral experience as a priest to bear on these issues. No one can fail to learn from reading this timely book. A wonderfully accessible, clear, informative, balanced, and profound discussion from a Greek Orthodox priest, theologian, and psychotherapist with decades of pastoral and clinical experience addressing directly the issues of sexuality and gender that touch us all today. This book contains words of wisdom and insight that can help guide us through complex issues.

Language: English
ISBN: 978-960-619-043-8
Published: 2019
Number of pages: 80, softbound
The first section of this volume contains essays addressing the interface between science and religion, what a dialogue between them might look like, and how they are held toghether by the author, in her own personal testimony regarding her life as an Orthodox Christian and a scientist, her experience in and of the Church READ MORE ON SALE NOW!
Man, being in the image of God and “an animal in the process of deification” (according to St. Gregory Nazianzen)—whose brain and nervous system are largely shaped by evolution, who is both restricted and boundless through his genes, sealed by his early experiences, moderated by his hormones, and under a great diversity of other influences READ MORE
Spiritual Integration in psychotherapy together with integrative approaches in medicine are increasingly recognized as offering the best care for those who suffer as well as for those who care for them. READ MORE
God, Psychology and Faith In Dialogue Beyond These Horizons, Quantum Theory and Christian Faith
God, Psychology and Faith In Dialogue
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This book is an exploration into how psychology, especially psychotherapy, in dialogue with the spiritual practices of the Church, might contribute to the Christian's walk with Christ. First, I question, “Might psychology serve the Christian by helping him/her become less defensive, and therefore, more open to the perfect love and grace of God?” READ MORE Written in the form of simple novel, this book begins by offering an overview, in lay terms, of quantum theory as it has developed since the early twentieth century. Gradually it lays the groundwork for an exploration of the relationship between quantum mechanics and certain key aspects of traditional Christian teaching. READ MORE