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Jesus Christ Is The Same Yesterday Today and Unto the Ages

For us in the XXI century, it is important to highlight that the experience/event of Yahweh as Christ is experienced by every era within its own context. This book, concerning the historical-eschatological Name of Yahweh, points out the wondrous synthesis gifted to us by the biblical and classical Greek understanding of Truth. READ MORE

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Christ: The Alpha and Omega

Focusing on themes central to Christian patristic Trinitarian theology, ecclesiology, and anthropology, this anthology reveals the ultimate purpose of man and the universe, and speaks of how each of us can realize this purpose within the divine-human community of the Orthodox Church. READ MORE

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The Presence of Transcendence

The essays collected in this book venture into various domains of philosophy, such as ontology and epistemology, anthropology and ethics, philosophy of history and history of philosophy, philosophy of religion and theory of the mystical, poetics and hermeneutics. READ MORE

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Diary of the Council

Diary of the Council emerged from the need of its author to appropriate the problematic of the Holy and Great Council which the Orthodox Church held 2016 in the historic land of Crete. This publication offers invaluable illumination for all those interested in gaining insight into the encounters and exchanges during the days of the conciliar sessions. READ MORE

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Dnevnik sa Sabora, Episkop Zapadnoamericki Maxim

By: Episkop Zapadnoamericki Maxim
Published by: Sebastian Press

Свети и Велики Сабор Православне Цркве у Православној академији на Криту, 17-26. јун 2016. године.

Available as E-book on Kindle!

Language: Serbian
Number of pages: 125, softbound
Number of color reproductions: 19

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The University and Serbian Theology; The Historical and Educational Context of the Establishment of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Belgrade

The Historical and Educational Context of the Establishment of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Belgrade The concept of education and the idea of the university and the historical circumstances represent an obligatory framework for the discussion about the place and meaning of theology in the complex of knowledge and about the Faculty of Theology within the context of the University READ MORE

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Chronicles of the Renewed Crucifixion of Kosovo


Svetigora Diary Entries and Other Records March 1999 - December 2000 In the words of one of endorsees of this profoundly moving Diary, Mr. James Bissett, Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia (1990-1992), who emphasized its significance as follows: "The twentieth century has not been kind to Serbia or the Serbian people.

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My Brother's Keeper

Rare are the books of Orthodox Christian authors that deal with the subject of politics in a comprehensive way. In this book, the reader will find a faithful engagement with the liturgical and patristic traditions, with contemporary thinkers, Orthodox and non-Orthodox, all in conversation with political science and philosophy. READ MORE

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Christos Yannaras The Meaning of Reality: Essays on Existence and Communion, Eros and History

This collection of articles traces the thought of Christos Yannaras through his long journey in discovering the meaning of existence, communion, and history. No fewer than twenty articles of passionate significance and substance have at present been gathered together in this volume. READ MORE

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The Ways of Byzantine Philosophy

t is a great pleasure to see this work published, making available some of the most refreshing studies on Byzantine philosophy available, together in one volume. The 24 essays collected here treat diverse topics, from ontology to questions of iconicity, from historically oriented studies to nuanced philosophical observations on Proclus READ MORE

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The Authentic Seal: Spiritual Instruction and Discourses

The Authentic Seal is one of several books of Elder Aimilianos, such as The Way of the Spirit, The Church at Prayer, and Psalms and the Life of Faith, that have been translated into English and are spiritual classics. The present collection, marking the beginning (1999) of the publications of the talks and spiritual instructions of Elder Aimilianos, consists of two parts READ MORE

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