In the Beginning (Expanded Edition): A Fresh Look at the Early Chapters of Genesis The Prologue Of Ohrid
The first eleven chapters of Genesis contain theological truths which the world urgently needs. The present volume offers a verse-by-verse commentary on those chapters based on the Hebrew text, followed by a series of theological reflections distilling their timeless message. READ MORE Lives of Saints, Hymns, Reflections, and Homilies for Every Day of the Year (Complete, Amplified, Revised, and Expanded) St Nikolai (1880-1956) has been called the “Serbian Chrysostom” for his theological depth and golden tongued eloquence. His Prologue has become a much-loved spiritual classic for Orthodox Christians worldwide. READ MORE
THE SERBIAN CHRISTIAN HERITAGE OF AMERICA: The Historical, Spiritual and Cultural Presence of the Serbian Diaspora in North America (1815-2019) Beyond These Horizons, Quantum Theory and Christian Faith
The Historical and Spiritual Heartland of the Serbian People This book on Serbia’s Christian Heritage in Kosovo and Metohija, its heartland in medieval times and through Ottoman domination, is intended to introduce to a wide reading public the oldest and richest treasury of Serbian medieval history and culture. READ MORE Written in the form of simple novel, this book begins by offering an overview, in lay terms, of quantum theory as it has developed since the early twentieth century. Gradually it lays the groundwork for an exploration of the relationship between quantum mechanics and certain key aspects of traditional Christian teaching. READ MORE
The Sacred and Divine Liturgy Zaduzbine Kosova i Metohije —Задужбине Косова и Метохије
The Sacred and Divine Liturgy
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“The Sacred and Divine Liturgy
оf our Father among the Saints John Chrysostom” (Los Angeles - New York - Chicago: Sebastian Press 2018).

Ова књига је живо сведочанство о истрајном настојању Српске Православне Цркве да очува изузетну духовну и материјалну културу, своје вековне споменике и сачува хришћанско наслеђе Косова и Метохије.
Ново издање на српском језику садржајно прати енглеско издање Задужбина Косова и Метохије (The Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija: The Spiritual, Historical, and Aesthetic Heart of the Serbian People, Sebastian Press 2015) и српско из 1987.године. READ MORE