Seeing the Invisible; Proceedings of the Symposium on Aesthetics of the Christian Image

Four well-known professors, Archimandrite John Pantelimon Manoussakis, Cornelia Tsakirdou, George Kordis, and bishop Maxim Vasiljevic, give us various insights into Christian Orthodox Icons, their beauty, meaning, and their future in the 21st century. READ MORE

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The Art of Seeing

The Art of Seeing explores sacred images in light of Orthodox theology, making special use of perspectives and insights from the patristic interpretation of sacred texts. Drawing on the disciplines of art history, aesthetics, and theology, this innovative study explores the phenomenon of paradox – at once artistic, visual, and cognitive – through which sacred images disturb the eye and provoke the mind to reflection. READ MORE

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The Forgotten Mystery: The Ecclesial Consequences of Holy Chrismation

The understanding densely expressed in this book, which offers a distinctive, fresh, and helpful contribution to the discussion on Confirmation, is subsequently elaborated in several chapters in this volume. READ MORE

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The Festive Fast

From the Prologue written by His Grace Bishop Maxim: More than just a cookbook, The Festive Fast serves as a guide to olive oil and vegetarian cuisine based on the dietary guidelines of the Eastern Orthodox liturgical fasts. READ MORE

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The Christian Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija: The Historical and Spiritual Heartland of the Serbian People

The Historical and Spiritual Heartland of the Serbian People This book on Serbia’s Christian Heritage in Kosovo and Metohija, its heartland in medieval times and through Ottoman domination, is intended to introduce to a wide reading public the oldest and richest treasury of Serbian medieval history and culture. READ MORE

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Life According to the Gospel

It is not easy to teach the Gospel. One of the few among our contemporaries who completely succeeded at overcoming those obstacles is His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Paul (+2009). We are happy for the opportunity that enabled us to have published some of Patriarch Pavle's sermons over an extended period of time first in Kosovo and Metohija (1983-1990), and later in Belgrade. READ MORE

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