Psychology in The Service Of the Church The Forgotten Mystery: The Ecclesial Consequences of Holy Chrismation
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Man, being in the image of God and "an animal in the process of deification"
(according to St. Gregory Naianzen)-whose brain and nervous system are
largely shaped by evolution, who is both restricted and boundless through his genes,
sealed by his early experiences, moderated by his hormones, and under

By: Fr. Vasileios Thermos
Published by: Sebastian Press

Fr. Vasileios Thermos Translated from the original Greek by Fr. Peter A. Chamberas The almost complete forgetfulness of Chrismation, along with its detachment from the ancient Church practice when it was a bishop's duty, led us priests to celebrate it in literally a few seconds and our lay fellows to ignore its inner power. We hope that [CLICK ON PRODUCT IMAGE TO READ MORE]

Christ: The Alpha and Omega The Synaxarion: The Lives of the Saints of the Orthodox Church (Complete Set)
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Sebastian Press is pleased to announce the publication of an outstanding book by Bishop Athanasius Yevtich, a disciple of the great twentieth-century theologian Archimandrite Justin Popovich. Bishop Athanasius' thoughts combine adherence to the teachings of the[CLICK ON PRODUCT IMAGE TO READ MORE]
Published by: Sebastian Press for USA and Canada, Indiktos and Holy Convent of The Annunciation of Our Lady, Ormylia (Chalkidike), Greece
Author: Hieromonk Makarios of Simonos Petra, Mt. Athos

The Synaxarion: The Lives Of The Saints Of The Orthodox Church, consists of 7 hardcover volumes, each one covering two months of the liturgical calendar and with over 550 pages in each volume, illustrated with numerous icons, miniatures, and ornaments from Byzantine manuscripts. [CLICK ON PRODUCT IMAGE TO READ MORE]
Welcoming the Christ Child Diary of the Council
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Elissa Bjeletich, Illustrated Jelena Jeftic, Published by Sebastian Press, California, Serbia
By: Elissa Bjeletich
Illustrated by: Jelena Jeftic
Published by: Sebastian Press

Journey through the Old Testament with 40 wonderfully illustrated Bible readings, one for each day of the Nativity Lent. These short, beloved stories from Scripture include questions and answers to CLICK ON THE PRODUCT IMAGE TO READ MORE
By: Bishop Maxim Vasiljevic
Published by: Sebastian press

DIARY OF THE COUNCIL Reflections from the Holy and Great Council at the Orthodox Academy in Crete, June 17-26, 2016. by Bishop Maxim. Diary of the Council emerged from the need of its author to appropriate the problematic of the Holy and Great Council which the Orthodox Church held 2016 in the historic land of Crete. [CLICK ON PRODUCT IMAGE TO READ MORE]